The folks putting together the SCC Cougar Car Show on September 14, 2014 are looking for some judges. If you have judged a car show in the past they would like you help judge their show. Just give Wendy Brown a call for details.

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Much needs to be done for Area Rides, but since it's a one-man show and this one man's mother is currently having some serious health issues, most of the updates will be slow going. She is getting better, but the focus has been on her during her recovery. The events will all be updated soon!

With each new season, Area Rides gets event listing submissions earlier and earlier. I think it was the beginning of 2013 that just over one hundred events were posted before April. This had been much better than the previous year. Now in the middle of January, the calendar has about that much already! So keep sending 'em Saint Louis!

Even if you do not have all the information do send in whatever you have. You can always send the rest later. Get the word out now and folks can begin planning their summer. I must admit, I use the Area Rides Calendar just like everyone else. I refer to it often to plan my weekends too! So do it for me. Send in the event dates now so I can plan my summer.

- Steve


I admit the new Area Rides Dashboard is sparse at the moment. But do not despair, dear reader, there is more to come. Three weeks from this very day shooting begins. With some good fortune and a bit of luck there should be a couple entertaining videos to come out of it. There is still one tiny detail that needs to be addressed and once that has been taken care of- and I'll know for sure on the seventeenth of this month- I will then make the announcement and what's in store. (I am trying to avoid the embarrassment of "look what I'll be doing!" only to have it all fail.)

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According to a recent press release from the Belle-Clair Speedway:

Belle-Clair Promotions LLC Completes 3 year Agreement!

We are Proud to announce that we have reached an agreement with the Board of Director's of Belle-Clair Speedway Inc. Together we worked long and hard producing an unprecedented 3 year contract. We feel this will insure the Future of Auto Racing at the Historic 1/5th mile Belle-Clair Speedway. The structure of the new deal which spans the 2016 season will provide confidence & stability for the Great Fans, Race teams & the very important Track Sponsors!

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There are just a couple tiny tweaks that need to be done before I'll finally dust off my hands and proclaim the site done. These, as I stated before, can only be done once more content has been added. There has not been any new content because not much has happened. This will change very soon and I am ready...

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Now that the first event of the year has come and gone I am getting more excited about the "official" beginning of the show season. As many will agree, The twin Easter Shows in the Muny parking lots is the unofficial, official start of the Saint Louis car show season. I for one, will be there. At least, it is the plan. There is no flyer yet and no official word which leads me to the heart of this post...

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In short: You'll not find them on the Area Rides Facebook Page.

In long: There are only three reasons why it is different from last year.

  1. I abhor and despise Facebook. I have from the very beginning.
  2. It's a heckuva lot of extra redundant work. It's only me doing this!
  3. Facebook sucks even more now and I abhor and despise it with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns.

Let me explain...

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