I feel I must make this entirely and abundantly clear. I want no misinterpretations. I want all to know how I feel about Facebook and why there is always issues with the Area Rides Facebook Page.

Facebook sucks.

It sucks with flying colors. It is, as I've said from the beginning (for different reasons), the worst thing to happen to the internet. 

I do believe it is just fine for catching up with old friends, keeping in touch with distant relatives or being mildly entertained from time to time. This is what it was designed to do. If it weren't for Area Rides, however, I would not have an account. Since every one uses it and there are some who believe that Facebook is the entire internet I must keep a presence there. If it weren't for this, my work load would be so much easier.

Facebook is the worst platform for Area Rides. In theory, it is an incredible resource for me to use to let everyone in the automotive community know what is going on. Yet Facebook does its best to make it difficult to do so. Since the Area Rides Page is lumped in with the larger groups, communities, businesses and brands it gets a governor of sorts place on it. In order for me to assure everyone gets all the posts, updates and notifications I must pay for it. Only a fraction of my entries on the Area Rides Facebook Page will be seen by those who have Liked it. 

They have also made it so homogenized there is no way to give the look any flair. Area Rides' Facebook Page looks just like all the rest. (Except for those who can afford it) This can be good- I know- but I for one am sick of blue on white. This has always been a thorn in my side. It all goes back to the early days of Area Rides.

It took me solid three months to create the first Area Rides website. Not that I was slow, I just wanted it to be perfect. I had created the entire brand complete with cards, flyers, shirts and more and a fully functional site. By the time I finished with it and I posted the very first bit of content all looked great and worked perfectly. 

The very first person I spoke to about Area Rides asked- and this was after I made a cool site and artwork- "Do you have a Facebook Page?"
I took my card back from him. I said I had worked day after day for three months to make a cool looking functioning site specifically for people like him and he wants to see it with blue on white with little pictures all lost within pictures of cats. Nope.

Nothing Works

This is an exaggeration, but it is extremely frustrating to not have any control whatsoever. With Area Rides, I do have control. If there is something broken I can fix it. If the layout doesn't work with the images I can change it. If there is a powerful tool to help make it bigger/better/stronger/faster then I can use it. With Facebook, one is very, very limited.

Case in point- and this is the subject of many complaints- is the event postings on Facebook. Yes, I know the event was posted at 11:00 p.m. after the event had already happened that morning. It is a third-party App that I did not create that barely works and is not very configurable.

Even if the App worked well, the event listings would be lost among everything else in a viewer's timeline if at all. Only a few will see it.

The Site is MUCH Better

This site is so much better. Why take the chance of missing information that can get lost amid misquoted celebrities, cats, pictures of people's meals and all the rest of the flotsam and jetsam that gets puked out to your computer every moment of the day? Go to the Area Rides Calendar and see events listed as a calendar. They are all there. They were there a long time before the event happened.

Don't rely on Facebook. I don't. The issue with the events being posted late will never be fixed. I don't care. Come to this site for the info.


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