All through the weekend I had mentioned to few people that I had shot a lot of footage; even more than last year. I bragged about how I planned it so much better than any other event video. I boasted about how this video will surpass the quality of the previous one. I said that would make this the best video I'd ever made. What I did not account for is the pain...

May 17, 2014, 9:00 p.m., Wayland, Missouri
A job well done! The sun had finally set and I was poised and I had been ready beforehand to capture Jimbo's flame throwing Oldsmobile. It was a success even though the battery chose that moment to go flat. I quickly swapped it for a fresh one without missing much at all. Though I would have preferred to have him begin sooner there was still enough light to get footage of him parking and getting out to mark the end of his exhibition. I was full of excitement and eager to get home so I can edit the video as I made my way back to the car.

Somehow my body knew the job was finished. I got in the car, set the phone in the usual spot. I put my bottle of water in the cup holder. The key went into the ignition and I took brief moment of indulgence to take a deep, cleansing breath to clear my head and prepare for the two and half hour drive back to Florissant. It was then my body decided to remind me of what I put it through during the last forty-eight hours.

The Aches

By all accounts I am inherently lazy. I thoroughly enjoy my slothfulness. I relish sleeping in. I have no problem sitting at the computer and watching an entire series of a good television show in one go. I like to relax. This is easily demonstrated with one look at my glorious physique.

When I am out and about for a shoot I find and push my limits both mentally and physically. By the time I first arrived in Wayland I had already planned the entire edit. I nearly had everything figured out shot for shot. When I was recording I was playing out the completed video in my head along with effects, music, authoring, description, preview edits and more. One particular piece of music was on a non-stop loop in my noggin. At the end of the day, while I was charging batteries and sorting media at the motel, I was mentally reviewing what I had shot and comparing it to what I still need to get. I do not actually remember putting my head on the pillow; I was already asleep moments before.

As I was getting dressed the next morning my shoes felt two sizes too small and the swelling was only the half of it. My knees sounded like a cattle stampede on bubble wrap with every step. My backache only subsided if I stood straight and did not move. My knees had numerous small bruises from kneeling on gravel most of the previous day. My neck and ears stung from sunburn. The fact that my allergies decided to kick in days before hadn't helped at all.

While shooting, I did take a few breaks if only to conserve of media and battery time. It was on these breaks I had a couple glugs of water. I brought many bottles, but only managed to consume two twenty ounce bottles. Around 4:00 p.m. I began getting a headache- a sign of dehydration. I continued to kneel on the gravel, walk for what seemed like dozens of miles and go without sunscreen. Thinking back, the thought never once occurred to me that I should take more breaks, drink more fluids or stop torturing my knees. It was all about the edit.

I was a bit whiny the first morning home. By the second morning I was back to normal. Then the pains began.

The Pains

My current computer has paid for itself many times over. Of course, I have replaced virtually every single component during its lifetime. It went into service about 2005 and it took a long time for it to reach obsolescence. It is now well beyond its capacity.

I have begun the actual edit of the Rust Revival 2014 video. I can tell after placing the first eight clips in the project that I will not be able to get much further along in the process. I would be lucky to get just a few seconds in. Even if I could manage the edit the render will never happen.

The Salve

As with most of Area Rides' lifetime, a fix comes along at the eleventh hour. The day after I got home a received a call. The call brought good news. Hopes were dashed then reborn within a twelve hour span. A new computer will sit at my desk soon. It will not be a moment too soon either.

Sadly, the setup will take time to go into full effect. This will, in turn, push back the completion date of the final video. Yet a new system will help speed up my already quick process. I do not know when the video will be ready, but I am confident it will be worth the wait.


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