pushupArea Rides is now beta testing a new social network from PushUp.com. PushUp is a local business getting a new social platform up and running. This will give Area Rides and the Saint Louis Gearhead community a chance to connect with other Gearheads in the area. By using this network we can all share news, info and the camaraderie that is prevalent in the Saint Louis area and nowhere else. This is a chance to join become an early adopter and you can say "I was there in the beginning!"...

The folks at PushUp have asked me to find at least 10 members of the local automotive community to sign up (it\'s all free) and be a part of the network. There are a lot of other networks that you can join should you have other interests. Later on, I will explore new features (it\'s all new to me too) and see what kind of extra stuff we can do as a community.

The idea is simple. The PushUp system resides at the bottom of the page. Its interface looks very similar to Facebook so there is no great learning curve. I will work on getting more content listed to give you a better idea of the layout. The product is in beta at the moment so there are a couple little bugs still, but not enough to ruin your social experience. If you are interested in joining contact me.

As always, you can contact me if you have any questions, comments, accolades or insults too.



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


There are a couple PushUp reps following the Area Rides PushUp Social feed. This means if you have any troubles you can now you can even report it directly!

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