It has been pointed out that the automated system for posting events on the Area Rides Facebook Page does not post them until the day before or even the day of the event. Though these systems used do a decent job, no amount of tweaking will get them to post sooner. It is the nature of the beast as it were...

My solution: Do not use Facebook for information.


The dates are listed on the Area Rides Event Calendar- in most cases months ahead of time- and will have all the info. Besides Facebook will display only a fraction of the posts from Pages as an attempt to get more revenue. Since Facebook is a much despised "social network" there is no way I will give them money.

The New Social Network

In the Area Rides virtual garage, work is underway to create a new social aspect to the site in lieu of Facebook. It will work much like Facebook, but will be contained within the Area Rides site. This way gearheads can connect to other gearheads in the Saint Louis area.

The new system to be installed seems to be quite a nifty little tool. It is a locally developed new social network. Area Rides will be beta testing it. It seems easy to use and should meld seamlessly with the Area Rides site. More information soon!

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