I am attempting to expand coverage of shows with video. I will still do local shows, but I want to go a bit outside the Saint Louis area. You have most likely seen the scope and breadth of my video content. You have seen the quality of which I can achieve. You can also see that I can produce something worth watching. I want to do more. To do this requires funds- not a lot, but more than what is currently available.

For example, to cover the upcoming Rust Revival in Wayland, Missouri this year I estimate costs to be at least two hundered dollars for fuel, lodging and a handful of minor expenses. I would like to attend it as I am confident it will be seen by a lot of people. To date, the 2013 Rust Revival video is the second most popular video on the Area Rides YouTube Channel. I can confidently say that there are a few folks looking forward to this year's coverage.

So what am I asking for then?

I am looking for sponsorship. Two hundred dollars would be a great start. This way I can go to Rust Revival (or other shows) and cover it for all to enjoy. Naturally, I am not looking for a handout or a gift of cash. I'm willing to give some bang to the buck. This would give someone the opportunity to plant their business, name, organization, what have you on a cool video that will be watched. You can post it on all your social network accounts, website and more. You can say, "Look what I helped happen!"

Hold on to your checkbook. There is a catch.

I am particular about what I shoot and how I shoot it. I have a style I like. It drives me to shoot and edit. Even though I have an establish method and look and may even try some experimentation. Sometimes, these experiments works. Sometimes they don't. When I do it my way, I think I do decent work.

This will remain even with a sponsorship. This is why I am fully aware that this may restrict sponsorship.

To take that even further, I wish to retain the rights to the final video. However, if someone is paying for it then I can assure there will be plenty of representation and credit on the video itself and the sponsor would have permission to use the full video in just about way they wish.

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