There are just a couple tiny tweaks that need to be done before I'll finally dust off my hands and proclaim the site done. These, as I stated before, can only be done once more content has been added. There has not been any new content because not much has happened. This will change very soon and I am ready... There has been another addition to the site that is scheduled to go when the show season starts. This will be the Dashboard. It will be the first thing a visitor sees and it will include all the important content on one page. It will have the Events at a Glance like all the pages, but also a link to the event coverage media and this blog. Mostly, everything will just be links and a very brief introduction. When first arriving at the Area Rides website, you can quickly see all the important info and go from there.

The secondary stuff like the links and news feeds will remain as menu items. There are some plans for some more items to add to the menu. These are just plans at the moment, but just might end up being quite interesting. Mostly, the plans are half-cocked, hare-brained ideas so they may not work at all.

I'll keep plugging along while we all wait for the weather to warm up and the show season begins.

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