In short: You'll not find them on the Area Rides Facebook Page.

In long: There are only three reasons why it is different from last year.

  1. I abhor and despise Facebook. I have from the very beginning.
  2. It's a heckuva lot of extra redundant work. It's only me doing this!
  3. Facebook sucks even more now and I abhor and despise it with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns.

Let me explain...

As an online content creator I must keep up on the latest trends, tools and types of systems I must use to get seen. As a human I usually get too fed up, discouraged or lazy to do anything more than a cursory glance at what I should be doing. One obvious and glaring tool had been Facebook. Everybody and their dog were using it and one must go where the crowds are so that one may be seen. I grudgingly joined in gritting my teeth the whole time. For a time it was working well.


Now that Facebook is limiting what is seen by followers who have explicitly shown that they want to see content from a specific page I cannot abide. For example, Joe sees that his friend enjoys Area Rides' Page. Joe checks out Area Rides and wishes to see more from Area Rides. Joe clicks "Like". One would think that now Joe will see all of Area Rides' stuff as he took action to do so. Yet Facebook limits what Joe sees from Area Rides. If I want to make sure Joe see everything, I must pay Facebook for that luxury. This is not a good way to convince me to use Facebook.

This does not mean I will stop using Facebook completely. There is a very good chance you, dear reader, found the link to this very article on Facebook. The chance are probably very similar that many other Area Rides followers have not seen the link. It is for them (and Joe) that I will not be doing as much on Facebook.

This is a good thing too!

Firstly, on the Area Rides website I do not have to conform to any rules set down by someone else.

Secondly, this is forcing me to do more with YouTube. You Tube is a polar opposite of Facebook in that the reward content creators. Granted, their forcing users to use Google+ sucks and this is a hiccup I am trying to resist addressing, but to use Facebook less is a far greater goal and it's worth it.

What All That Gibberish Means for You:

The flyers and their respective event information will all be listed on the Area Rides Event Calendar just as before.

With exception of the flyers photo album Area Rides' Facebook usage will remain the same

More content can be found here and on the Area Rides YouTube Channel


Check out the video (and the others by the same producer) that prompted this change: The Problem with Facebook on the 2veritasium Channel

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