A lot has been achieved on the new site, but there is still plenty to do. As I said before further tweaking is needed but it is to be done when more content gets filled in. With only one cruise so far this year I must wait. There are other components that have yet to be finalized without the need for more content and I am hacking way them every chance I get...



Manns Restoration Site

The work on the Manns Restoration site usually gets priority these days and it is coming along very well. Most all that is left is the rest of the behind-the-scenes stuff and the continual addition of content. I have begun a blog there and I've written one article. I must admit, my knowledge of restoration is limited. So the articles too will eventually come to an end. I must get to learning more I suppose! The updates and project progress is easy-peasy. I can just write what I see. I don't have to be smart.

You can see the latest titled Shop Tour and Estimate.  There is not much writing as I cheated with video.

Much of the Area Rides event coverage may have a Manns slant to it. Mike Manns has been talking about my covering events for his site too. I've already shot a show video for Manns and no one came after me with pitchforks and torches. I'm counting it as a success. It could also mean that it really didn't matter to anyone as long as they saw cool cars, trucks and bikes. There are two reasons why Manns's involvement will be good:

  1. It will bring a new and exciting element to Area Rides.
    Toward the end of the last season I felt a hint of boredom creeping in. I was not getting burnt out, per se, but I could feel my interest waning. Mike's plans are to become more personally involved. He wants to see more shows, shake more hands and kiss more babies. I'm planning on putting him in front of the camera and ham it up. This will bring a new style to the videos and thereby sparking more of my interest.
  2. It will bring new and exciting opportunities.
    Since Manns Restoration's work is shown outside Saint Louis we must follow and get seen elsewhere. Ergo, there will be travel to other shows around the nation.
  3. It will bring new and exciting revenue.
    Productions require money. Having funded Area Rides out of pocket for three years, I think I deserve a bit of money flow reversal now.

Content is King

I made it sound like I haven't been doing much as far as adding content to Area Rides. I have. There are a dozen or so more events listed on the calendar. I've posted a lot more clubs and event organizers to the links pages. I also managed to get my memory working and uploaded a lot of music that was used in the video productions.

Of course, I have created a blog section dealing with events and the goings-on around town. So far, I've done very little there. I'm going to use the weather as my excuse, admittedly a poor one, but I am sticking to it.

If there is any newsworthy stuff you'd like to see on the blog, do let me know.

The "Other Project"

I am eager to get this one going, but I am glad that it hasn't as I am toying with the idea of changing its format. The new format idea is more to my liking (hopefully more to others as well) and will be easier to produce. Having shot a bit of video now, I think the new way will be a bit better in the long run.

This new format idea will make it a bit cooler and glossier, but it will also mean more work before, during and after the shoot. It will also require a step up in gear too. So this is still being debated. My goal, however, is to begin shooting near the beginning of the show season (or at least after it warms up a bit) so we'll see how far I can get.

And the Rest

There are still some minor details to be looked into and hammered out, but I am still happy with the progress so far.

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