Now the rest of the plan is tedius and arduous. The main basic framework is in place. Most of the additional systems are in place. Everything is working fine and there have been no fires yet. The next steps to making the site fully operational are the fun bits. Granted, they take longer as the former site took just under three moths to have it fully tweaked, tested and tuned. I am off to a good start as the self-imposed deadline is to have it ready by the beginning of the St. Louis Car Show & Cruise Season around the end of March.

Event Coverage

Fortunately I can test it all with the extremely sparse event listings between now and March. There are indeed a handful of events that can be covered. To date, there is ice racing at the Family Arena, the Ridge Runners cruise to Ethyl's in St. Peters, Missouri and Manns Restoration is planning an event in January too. With the light load I can add it all and not get too backed up should anything go awry or blow up.

The Build Update

The Archives

A new menu button has been added. It is merely a link to the original, former website. Everything it just as it was before. There has been quite a bit of testing and all seems to work very well- or at least as well as it did previously. Nothing is broken. So far. Should you see anything broken (aside from any bookmarks) do let me know.

The Calendar

It's up! There are already a couple items listed! Not much, but the search will continue and I'll scour the web for more. If you are planning an event send the info. If you know of an event happening let me know. If you know someone planning an event be sure to tell them about Area Rides and hound them about sending event info.

As far as the location of the calendar, the plan is to have it remain as its own menu item. This could change after some testing and with any additional content, but the plan is to have it there. That's where I'll try and keep it.

The Blog

These announcements and updates will get fewer and farther between as progress... well... progresses. If all goes well, I will have less and less fixes to announce and all the features are no longer "new" features.

However, it may serve other purposes. It will include more than site updates, but local automotive news and whatnot. I had tried before, but it never saw much success or popularity. I do have some new thoughts brewing in the ol' noggin that I will try out later on.


The links section is almost finished being added and updated! Sadly, I discovered some links that were no longer working. But there is a slightly new bit of extra bits I can add, but they will remain mostly the same as before.

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Events at a Glance


For event info submissions, questions, comments or insults contact Steve!