It may seem that I put in a lot of effort in a couple days. I didn't, but it does seem that way! I had much of it already done and they only needed some tweaking. I am excited about the new stuff added...

STL Racing Page

All the Saint Louis Racing websites that RSS Feeds are aggregated onto one page. This way, it can serve as a St. Louis Racing Portal. I like the sound of that. I may just change its name! The article links will direct you to their pages to read the rest. As soon as I find more, I'll add them.

The Newsletter

I found a much easier system to use. The last time I tried I did a severely geeky way and it worked well, but it required a lot work to make it to continue working. Now that I've discovered Mail Chimp it takes much of the tedius stuff out of my hands. And its free! Now the challenge is to make it worthwhile to the subscribers. (So far, only one subscriber) It is easy to subscribe! You don't even have to fill a cup or give some blood. Try it for yourself!

The First Event of 2014

It's done. It's live. Enjoy.

It was the first to go on the website so it took a bit of hammering and cussing to get it up there correctly. It was displaying images over 2,000 pixels wide. Already the site is wide enough! So far, it's working well. Up until the eighth event is posted then my tweaking will be finished for the events. I may have to hammer a bit on the display settings.

Event Videos

At a lunch meeting the other day (Mile 227 has a pretty good burger! The House-Made Chips are delicious!) plans are now in the works that will affect some of the video coverage; for the better, mind you. Nothing has been finalized, it will take at least another meeting (not necessarily at lunch) to hash out the details, but it sounds promising!


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