The Links section has grown considerably. I've added many more from all over the St. Louis area. Some were very familiar, but I somehow did not have them listed on the old site. I do not know why that happened. But the search for more continues...

I did find a few in the Kansas City and Ozark areas. Should I continue to find more I will create two more link categories for those areas. I am trying to determine a radius of coverage. I am thinking somewhere between what I would drive to see a show and the distance I've heard others travel. This is about 100 to 125 miles.

Finding a New Feature

This is my greatest challenge with this new site. As I've stated before, I have neglected to add some of the prior features of Area Rides. These are the items that were not commonly used, a waste of time or too much effort. Now that I've done so, the site is a bit sparse. I am not too terribly concerned as it is how I've done it from the very beginning. But each time I dropped something I'd try something new. I am finding it very difficult to think of a fresh new idea.

I've composed a list of items the site has had in the past that have since been dropped to help me figure out a new concept.

  1. e-Store - This was planned to sell products made by local craftsmen or artists and some Area Rides merchandise.
  2. Art of the Auto - I had featured artwork in many different mediums. There is only a small number of artists in the area.
  3. The Garage Area - This was never fully fleshed out and completed, but it was a built-in social network for users to show off their rides.
  4. The Newsletter - This was up, then off, then I received a request from one local car guy. It is still under consideration for renewal.
  5. From the 'Net - The site automagically gathered up news and info from across the nation. It became a beast and a resource hog.
  6. Local Advertising - The spots were more than reasonable and I had even offered free limited time pricing. Only a few took advantage. NO ONE did the free offer.
  7. Local automotive site building and hosting - Like the ads, this too was reasonably priced, and some packages were free! No bites. No nibbles.
  8. Local Media - There was a section for the works by other local video producers. This was seldom viewed.
  9. Scale Area Rides - I mirrored the entire site, but only for scale rides. No one was interested.
  • There were many more things tried and dropped. They will always be reconsidered some day. Should the need or interest arise I will happily put them up again. In the meantime I am at a loss as to what to consider now. There are some projects continually "in the works" but for stuff I can immediately add and work on I've got nothin'.
  • If you have any suggestions please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • ~ Steve

Note: I should add that the event coverage images and videos will be included. It's done. It's ready. There have been no events to cover yet.

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