It Finally Happened!

I've been threatening to do this since 2012. I had even created a new logo for the big swap! Each time I wanted to make the change, I always had an excuse. Some were better than others, I suppose, but it at least sounded good at the time. Looking back, they were all feeble with one exception- my confidence was lacking. In late 2010, I attempted to revamp the site. I ended up breaking it and losing virtually all the work I had done. Fortunately, I had all the imagery on my computer, but I had to redo it all manually. This time, I did not wish to repeat the horror.

It took a simple phone call to a fellow geek who had one quick simple answer for me. It was a plainly simple solution. I took his advice and recommendations and voila! the new site is borne!

My former intent was to change everything from the design to the very way images were displayed and organized. For this new iteration, the intent was strictly upgrading. I would leave just about everything right where it was and exactly how it looked. The past version was an old, old version of the content management system. It was not very secure and they no longer support it. Nor would they continue to produce fixes for it. Sadly, upgrading to the very latest version (since I'd skipped many upgrades prior) was not at all practical or easy. All that was suggested by the geek was to back it up, move it in its own secluded area on the server and plop the new version in its place. Now Area Rides is going to be on the new, shiny and- most importantly- a secure system.


Everything in its Place

For those familiar with the previous Area Rides website will be happy to note that most everything will be in the same place as it was before. There will be some slight- very slight- differences, but the new locations will be easily found. Nothing too drastic here.

The Events Calendar

The heaviest hit section on the site has always been the calendar. At the time this was written, the Calendar has its own place on the main menu all by itself. One click and you are there. This will probably never change. The calendar became too large to hide. So it will remain prominent.

Event Coverage

Since there have been no events in the hours between the new site being rebooted and my writing this I think it will suffice to say there is nothing posted. I can say that it will be in the same place as usual. The latest media coverage will be in the forefront and displayed in a grid just as before. However, it will be displayed slightly larger, a bit clearer and with a touch more flare.

I will be trying a new setup to display the media from the events. The previous version was lackluster so I had to resort to using a third party extension to do what I wanted. The new core system is reported to be much better than the last. So I just might be able to utilize it. Of course, with luck, it should all appear the same outwardly. Yet it should trim down the site so it will run smoother.


Though not the most popular section on the previous site it is still important. It will still be included, but it should be a little better than before. In the past, there was never a whole lot of choices inherented with the system. The new version promises to be better, but I have yet to look into yet.

The Future

A lot fo work is still needed on the site to put it back to full power. As always, your input is always welcomed. If you would like to see something on this site do not hesitate to let me know. Drop me a line, send me an email, call or just find me at a show and tell me. This site will always be for the local automotive community. You have a say!


Many thanks for the support- past and future!

- Stephen Dunsford

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