Granted, this is not the greatest achievement I've announced, but it is another step to calling the site finished! The event listings and even some of this blog will now be automagically posted to Facebook and Twitter. I did have some troubles getting Faceplant to post the images correctly, but I think I have it sussed out.

The rest of the site is coming along well. There is some event information trickling in and I expect it will pick up as soon as the season approaches. I already have some dates scheduled for shooting for both Area Rides and Manns Restoration. The first is the New Years cruise to Ethyl's Smokehouse provided I do not wimp out with the cold. The next certain date are the shows at the Muny in Forest Park. Though I haven't the information on them, it has become a not-to-miss event.

The new video series project has had a couple of setbacks. These will be resolved soon, but it has pushed it back by a month or so. With a little luck I can get started on production this year still. I still have my hopes up.

- Steve

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