The event calendar is, for all intents and purposes, done. The only unknown element that will need testing is how everything displays once dates get added. I cannot test that until dates get added. So send in those fliers! The display of event coverage is also complete. Much like the calendar, further tweaking is needed. This also requires some to happen first. This section's image handling is operational, but these posts have no need for images. It is all info. I suppose I could fill them with something but this is not exactly what motorheads want to see- let alone read.

Everything's Trimmed Down

When I first created Area Rides I added everything. I tried to do everything. I had a built in social network, comment sections, a member's area, newletters, an e-store and a while lot more. Each year I looked at usage numbers and turned off items that were not used. I left them there in the event that there was interest and a need. This, in turn, made for a bulky site. Administrative access was cluttered and it did take some extra time to muddle through to do stuff.

This site is so clean it is bordering on Spartan. The unused and unimplemented features were not added.

At the time this article was written there are only four menu items (one is for the former site) and there will be one more added. I am actually considering dropping the Blog item eventually. Now everything anyone would want to see will be found easily and with a couple clicks.

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