I don't know how or when, but Area Rides will live again. 

For over three years Area Rides has been stagnant due to technical issues. It turns out, without my knowledge, the technical mumbo jumbo had been fixed. Long story, but rest assured it has. Personally, there have been other things keeping me from working on the site and all in it.

The new Area Rides, when it returns, will not be the same. As with each change to the site, things will be dropped others added. I have no idea what it will be, but the technical issues are solved, the personal items are no longer. Things will happen. Be patient.

2016 culverslogo

Culver’s of Florissant is looking to work with a car/motorcycle club to set up cruises here at our establishment.

We are interested in hiring a car/motorcycle club to handle all every month.
We are wanting to set up Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon cruises, monthly throughout October.
We are looking for the club to help in advertising the events and the club would be responsible for parking the cars, entertainment, 50/50 drawings, attendance prizes, and dash plaques.

Any car cruise participant would receive a discount on all purchases the day of cruise and also a “VIP” card to use anytime.

For more information, please contact Yvonne at 314-801-7939

Thank you.

I try my best to not be judgemental and others may swear they are not judging you. They, like me, will most definitely judge you. This is because it is impossible to remain ambivalent and not form any opinions while driving next to someone in a one and a half ton killing machine at seventy miles an hour while they are on a smartphone posting about the color of their newborn’s poop this morning to Facebook for an audience who could not care less.

You are being judged. This is why people flip you the bird, try and run you off the road, honk and yell at you, and more. If you do any of these listed… you are a terrible driver.

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To be ready for the 2016 season, I have looked over the site and cleaned up some dead links. If your site is no longer listed on the Links Page then the former URL is no longer good. If you changed your club's or organization's website then drop me a line and give me the new address.

I have also begun adding dates for 2016. There are already quite a few- one of them is in Septmeber! If your event is not listed on the calendar yet, let me know. Even if you only have the date I'll put it up. You can send me the details later.

The STL Racing Feeds page has been removed temporarily. Many of the racing sites have either changed their feed info or their site no longer exists. I will continue to work on them.

I will do my best to get all the local events listed this year. If I miss any let me know.


I received an email from the Washington Odd Fellows about their event called Cruise for a Cure. They will be inviting a different car club each month to lead the cruise.

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With the ongoing care and the health of a family member, I must reduce the level of involvement that I had once maintained in the early years of Area Rides. This year, if things go as well as they have in the Fall of 2015, I should be able to marginally step up the game for 2016 season. Though I do not foresee the photos and videos increasing, I can arrange more time to do the regular intense searching for events in the area. I can monitor any changes or cancellations more closely than last year too. 

To assure your event is listed it is always best to send me the information via email. As always, send me as much info as possible. There is plenty of room to let your visitors know everything they need to know about your event. Advise me if there are any changes.

Here's hoping the 2016 Show Season is bigger than before!


Today is the first time I have managed to do anything with the Area Rides site. I checked email and added a couple more events to the calendar. Regrettably, I had missed an update and a few event listings altogether. The automated systems I have set up worked fairly well in my absence (with except of the Facebook postings).

My negligence is because my schedule has been filled with taking care of my ailing mother. This morning is the first time in several weeks I can confidently say she is much better. She is up on her own now and can do more for herself. Now I can get back to work.

The car show season is nearly at an end, but there are still a few more weeks left for me to do something. Most of the time catching up will be editing video. As always the event listings will be keep up to date. October is known for lots of rain so I must keep up on cancellations too. Most importantly, I will be planning for the 2015 season.

The plan for the acquiring new and updated gear is back on. With my time being occupied with doctors, medicines and puke buckets I have managed to save up a lot of resources. Soon the new gear will happen along with a new plan for it. This is the most exciting thing for me and Area Rides.


Since my mother had a stroke in February of 2014, I have not had a lot of time to devote to Area Rides. I now have a day job and that too takes up a lot of my time as well. I have always made it a point to maintain the calendar section of this site at the very least. I will not be able to actively search for events as usual.

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