Area Rides is dedicated to the support of the St. Louis car enthusiast community by working with local clubs, event organizers and shops to provide an all encompassing resource for the area's automotive culture.

From the large regional organizations right down to the individual car owner, Area Rides is committed to showcasing every aspect of a motorhead's interests.

Access to Area Rides will always remain free to the visitor.

The Area Rides website will strive to expand into other cities to offer the same support in other regions. Each location will have its own site and will support the other cities' sites. By creating and maintaining a strong bond between regional sites it can offer even more to its visitors. will always remain the free portal to any and all Area Rides sites, functions, information, news and events.

All Rides Welcome

AR's definition of "All Rides" is any motorized wheeled conveyance used by an individual or driver to get from one location to another at any speed. This includes, but not limited to, motorcycles, cars, trucks, vans, tractors and big rigs. Furthermore, the style or type of vehicle welcomed includes, but not limited to, rats, muscle cars, tuners, off-road, rally, pimped, low rider, classics and antiques.

Area Rides' only qualifying rule is the the owner has to have dedicated time, blood, sweat, tears or money to creating his or her personal ride.

The Event Calendar and Event Coverage will be as unbiased as possible. Area Rides will not succumb to or be swayed by poiltics or personal opinions. Any and all shows will be posted and covered equally to the best of our abilities. As long as the events fit the criteria stated above they are always viewed equally.

Note: The Pontiac Aztec is the only exception to all the above statements. This vehicle will never be featured on Area Rides. Area Rides refuses to acknowledge this "vehicle" as a anything but an eye-sore and a manifestation of un-Holy craft.

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